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Eternal Weekend Europe - Guests

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Here are the 2 shops present during the 3 days of the event, you can buy them or sell them many Magic cards!

Magali VilleneuveArrow down Arrow up

Magali Villeneuve is a french artist who has illustrated dozens of Magic cards: Leovold, Chandra, Monastery Mentor... and she will be our guest at the Eternal Weekend 2018!
Magali Villeneuve
Leovold Emissary Of Trest
Chandra Torch Of Defiance
Monastery Mentor

Jeff LaubensteinArrow down Arrow up

The Eternal Weekend 2018 will welcome artist Jeff Laubenstein who illustrated really old cards such as : Recurring Nightmare, Miscalculation and Show and Tell !
Jeff Laubenstein
Recurring Nightmare
Show and tell